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we are

Very Married.

We want to help you be
Very Married, too!

Premarital Workshops

and Marriage and Relationship Coaching for Everyone

Couple Showing Affection
What We Do

Small Group Workshops

Private Sessions 

Relationship Assessments

Very Married offers insightful and fun premarital coaching in private sessions or workshops for engaged, dating and married couples.


It's our mission to help you build a foundation on forever.

That's a mighty long time.


Questions about married life?

We're here to help you find the answers that work

for your relationship. 




Do you wonder how to make sure your happily ever after is more fantastic than your wedding day?

Or maybe you simply think...

What is happily ever after, anyway?

Why doesn't he put his cell phone down when I'm talking?

How can we stop fighting over the smallest things?

Why doesn't she believe me when I say,
"I'm sorry?"

Why don't we go on dates anymore? 

What is the deal with my mother-in-law?

Forever Is For Real

Our 8-hour small group workshops are designed to be fun and practical so that you learn new tools for your relationship. We'll talk about leisure time, stress, conflict, communication, a little about parenting or step-parenting, sex, finances and more. 
We provide a casual setting so it feels like you're hanging out with some new friends who just happen to have some of the same marriage questions you do.  Following each workshop, you'll have fun homework assignments and a 2-hour private followup session that's tailored to your relationship, so 12 hours all in.
That's a small investment with a big impact. 
We also offer private sessions. Same casual concept and coaching but specifically for the two of you. 
It's kind of awesome. We know. 

Fun Homework


Nope! You'll get actionable info meant to help you connect.

The only grade is "A+."

Let's Hang Out

Bring your best friend while your new friend (me) helps you learn what makes your relationship strong and where you could use some tools.  

Real Couples

Hear real marriage stories from real couples like you on real things you might face as

newlyweds. Really. 

Oh, hey there! 
I'm Shawna
I love being

Very Married.

As a wedding professional, officiant, and owner of

Away We Go WeddingsI write custom creative wedding ceremonies that go beyond "repeat after me". 


It is even more important to me that couples have lasting marriages, and that's why Husband and I started Very Married.

We provide unique premarital and marriage coaching options for all relationships.

I'm a certified Prepare / Enrich facilitator, an approved Gottman Method relationship assessment provider,

a teacher and public speaker and I've been interviewed for national publications for marriage and wedding insight. I am also two degrees of Kevin Bacon


Before anything else, I am a wife and a puppy mother who likes to spend my free time playing Scrabble with Husband, enjoying gin and tonics with friends on the patio, singing to our Dogson, baking scones for my family and awaiting the next season release of The Crown.


I've added snaps of a few things I love dearly. Well, I don't love my picture, but the rest of the things?     

I'm absolutely crazy about them, because they are why I am Very Married. 


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